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New Work Mar 01, 2013 1 Comment


Epic southern sky

Funeral parlour


Gleaming forest


Intimate kitchen

Selling the elephant


NYE Erlangen

Music Room

Mr. Bieber

Kiss the sky

Love tree

“Recently I travelled to Germany with my husband to visit his family. I was excited about the prospect – not only to meet up with his lovely extended mob again, spread from the north to the south – but being able to take photos there again. Last time (2010) I took a domestic Lumix. This time the ‘documentation’ was completed on my iPhone 4 with Instagram as filter, and a silicon C-90 cover! The resulting photo ‘essay’ – all 178 of them – made me happy. Germany is a place that has a strange relationship with landscape and light – the further north you go, the more grim and oppressive; the further south, more liberated, sunny and and joyful. (Also reflected in the people and attitudes!) It is a beautiful place equally fraught with history and ‘the future’. My images represent a ‘present’ that I was grateful to be a part of” – Megan Spencer.

Megan Spencer publishes her photos on Facebook under the Page ‘Circus Folk‘. All welcome.

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  1. Lari

    Wow! Loving this work! The grit is good 😉

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