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From Andrew Frost

Art made with sugar would be a conservator’s nightmare, and not just because the art will decompose fairly quickly, but also because many of the works featured in Sugar Sugar look rather tempting… What sculpture? There was never any sculpture here.

Curated by Megan Fizell, Sugar Sugar is a group show by ten female artists who explore through the use of this unconventional material an array of related issues including the temptation of sugar itself, and what it means for body shape and image, but also the cultural status and often low regard for a variety of craft activities, such as jewellery, cooking, cake making and flower arranging.

QT_September 27_Sugar Sugar

Among the artists in the show is Stephanie Jones whose remarkable series The Traceries places royal icing in Petrie dishes to create delicate lace-like profiles and cameos, while Matina Bourmas’s Gifting performance documentation records the artist icing walls and windows in Marrickville. Judith Klausner’s Oreo Cameos are extraordinary cameos carved from actual Oreo cookies, just point five of a centimetre thick, but oh so tempting. Will the gallery provide a glass of milk? Check website for details.

October 1-19
Brenda May Gallery, Waterloo.
Pic: Judith Klausner, Oreo Cameo #10, 2011. Oreo sandwich cookie ?5x5x.5cm.

Andrew Frost


  1. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for the complimentary mention!

    I’d like to point out a small, but important error (which unfortunately has also been reproduced in your Guardian review). My works are on glass dining plates, selected deliberately for their everyday, utilitarian nature. They were referred to by Cassandra Edlefsen Lasch in her catalogue essay as ‘petri dish-like plates’, in order to draw out the connections between science and domesticity.

    Kind regards, Stephanie

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