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From Sharne Wolff

M Contemporary has plans to support new work by emerging artists in their upstairs gallery space for the remainder of the year and t Embrace, displays the work of six young Australians. Tom Blake has recently had the opportunity to hone his skills with well-known Australian sculptor Ken Unsworth. His Staurozoan Studies series of ‘sculptural drawings’ employ plastic, nails and plaster as media and are part of a continuing study by Blake that reflects on one common to artists and philosophers over many centuries – the concept of The Void. Having recently shown in Perth’s well-regarded Hatched exhibition for young graduates, Anna Cuthill’s meditations on emptiness of another kind are, in this case, closely aligned with landscape. The oversized Rest Area 31, Federal Highway is a dye print on polyester. Draped like a large curtain, the image softens the rear wall of the space while adding a dramatic edge. Incorporating some of that theatre are Sarah Field’s eccentric toothbrush and antique beater sculptures from her Loose Screw Series. Using human hair as an integral element in her work, Field’s sculptural pieces are as repulsive as they are compelling.


 Kai Wasikowski is an artist photographer. His 2012 Best N Detroit series of images capture small moments in a decaying, though resilient, US city.While that description may not apply equally to Australian cities, Tanya Dyhin’s wryUntitled #2 (pig)and Untitled #3 (fridge)depict aspects of Australian culture inspired by one of Dennis Denuto’s best lines in The Castle, “it’s just the vibe of the thing…” Tamara Mendels dispenses with a paintbrush and employs garden hoses, jugs and waterspouts to create her instinctive and colourful series of abstract paintings on canvas.

Until November 9
M Contemporary, Woollahra
Pic: Kai Wasikowski 4th July 2012, Colour negative print, 63 x 44cm, Edition of 3. Courtesy the artist and M Contemporary.

Sharne Wolff

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