New York Postcard: More Damn Traffic

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This just in: Australian artist George Shaw now resident in New York sends us a photographic missive…


Ed Ruscha, Honey I twisted through more damn traffic today, 2014

It’s hard to believe that Ruscha’s large mural, which was hand-painted by professional sign painters on the side of an apartment building adjacent to the High Line at the end of West 22nd Street, is his first public commission in New York City. As such, it wastes no time focusing on the love/hate relationship many of us have with this archetypal metropolis with some gentle humour.


Louise Lawler, Triangle (adjusted to fit), 2008/2009/2011

Known for her institutional critique questioning spatial choices in storage and display made after an artist’s work leaves the studio, Lawler’s 25 x 75 foot billboard next to the High Line at W 18th Street is part of a site-specific series of stretched photographs begun in 2006. This image was taken at Sotheby’s New York featuring the work of Frank Stella, Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt.


Friends With You, Light Cave, 2014

For the LA-based, multi-media art collaborators Friends With You (aka Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III) their large-scale installation, which was commissioned by the Standard Hotel at the High Line in today’s uber fashionable Meatpacking district, blurs the line between ‘high and low art’ with the sole purpose of creating an immersive environment of happiness and whimsy, for patrons walking under its pulsating, multi-hued canopy.

George Shaw

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