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From Andrew Frost

Since way back in the olden days of the 1980s – and maybe even before – Gary Warner has had a fascination with the way objects and machines can be broken down, rebuilt, modified and repurposed but more fundamentally perhaps, Warner’s guiding interest is with the transformation of energies, be it the transformation of colour into light from film to a screen, the combination of elements in a collage or the sonic possibilities of found objects. The eyes and ears of the viewer are what generates the real meaning of his work – the aural and visual experiences that recombine all that information into a sensation of the work.


For his self titled show at Articulate Project Space, Warner offers up an array of works including the exotic sound instruments such as the 21-pendulum entropophone, a “…sculpture/instrument that redeploys discarded aluminium drink cans, collected from the street and worked by the artist, to create a suspended kinetic-acoustic array occupying the central gallery space” and the 3-pendulum harmonograph a “…type of drawing machine that translates the slowly expended energy of free-swinging pendulums into complex geometric drawings.” Along with drawings generated by the instrument there are Colournotes, “the site-specific installation of tiny ‘paintings’, each a trace of energy transfer, the suggestive record of a split-second chaotic event – the splash of a drop of ink on a square of paper.”

Until March 1
Articulate Project Space, Leichardt
Pic: Gary Warner, Harmonograph [detail], and drawing, 2014.

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