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From Andrew Frost

As Salvador Dali once so eloquently put it as he spoke for older people everywhere, “…the only thing wrong with young people today is that one is no longer part of it.” While nostalgia gives a rosy glow to recollections of art worlds past, being a young emerging artists today brings with it a whole new set of circumstances and pressures. What seems so easy in retrospect is in fact damn hard in reality: if you’re an emerging artist it’s as hard as it ever was to get noticed. Enter .M Contemporary and their Life In Motion: Emerging Artists exhibition that takes a slightly different tack to many other such shows with just four featured artists.

Casey Crockford 1

Alex Karaconji’s multimedia work is based in drawing, the source material for his video animations and semi-sculptural arrangements. Using charcoal, L.E.D blackboards and sand Karaconji explores narratives of the every day, his animation describes the sale of his family home with and “…overarching narrative that manages to include a variety of themes including grief, identity, and the passing of time.” Casey Crockford‘s The Silent Embroiderer is a series of works using the photographic medium and pulsing LED lights to explore female sexual development, desire, empowerment, and insecurity. Georgia Emslie explores the way drawing constructs an alternate sense of reality in her micro and macrocosmic imagery while Eloise Cato creates sculptural ‘landscapes’ to reveal the visual patterns of natural disasters, representing them as unique and pure abstractions.

Until March 29
.M Contemporary, Paddington
Pic: Casey Crockford, The Silent Embroiderer, 2015.

Andrew Frost

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