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Backs against blue sky, Sydney, 2006

Cell mates, Old Bendigo Gaol, 2013

Cell, Old Bendigo, 2013

Dead mattreses, Eaglehawk tip. 2010

Diwali window Sabeto, Fiji, 2009

Elephant in field, Osterath, Germany, 2010

Exercise yard, Old Bendigo Gaol, 2013

Flowers in the snow at cememtery, Celle, 2010

Freezer on Lake Mountain, 2012

House on the vacant lot, Ironbark, 2011

Old Bendigo Gaol, 2013

Oma's chair, Celle, 2010

On the inside, Old Bendigo Gaol, 2013

On the outside, Old Bendigo Gaol, 2013

The three thieve, Heathcote, 2011.

“Before there was Instagram and filters and Apps, there was the Lomo. Remember? I like using Instagram and filters and Apps, because yes goddamn it, they are easy. But I also love shooting on my wee Lomo LC-A camera, which – if you believe the folklore – was originally developed as a spy camera for the Russians during the Cold War by the ‘Leningrad Optical Mechanical Association ‘. (And I do.) My Lomo has been a fabulous facilitator – a way to engage with the world around me: on travels, on arrival in new cities and towns where I have lived and especially when times have been tough, where I have felt seriously emotionally bruised, isolated and/or vulnerable. And I have to say I LOVE the waiting involved for a roll of film to be developed – no instant gratification here! The anticipation, the wondering, the im/patience – remember them?! Those feelings that keep your mind healthy, focused and attentive to the world? Is that even a ‘thing’ anymore – waiting in anticipation? Wondering? Boredom? Hankering? Waiting for something is so good for the soul, especially for a roll of film that might only have one good shot on it. One good shot is all it takes – that’ll keep you going for weeks.
Documenting the world around me (be it in photography or through the video docs I make only very occasionally these days), allows me to see the world with clarity – the world ‘as it really is’: for better, for worse, or otherwise..
Love it.” – Megan Spencer is a writer, broadcaster, critic and eclectic creative. See more of her photography at Circus Folk and on her website.

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  1. Lari

    Fantastic images and a lovely kudos to the im/patience of film. Thank you!

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