Sonic Network No. 14

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From Stella Rosa McDonald

John Aslanidis’s paintings are visual interpretations of sound. Using a unique process that involves sets of mathematical algorithms in the composition of his work, Aslanidis’s new series of Network paintings are complex non-linear webs that describe sonic diffusion. The paintings exploit the intersecting configurations of moiré patterns that can be found in the overlapping of natural fibers or as digital artifacts in a screen. Moiré usually suggests that the residue of digital artifacts has compromised an image, and for Aslanidis the distinct patterning describes the interactions of multiple sine waves via audio interference—an acoustic version of Moiré patterning.


During the 1990s Aslanidis was a member of the electronic music group Clan Analogue, which explored the complementary interactions between sight and sound. Sonic Network no.14 broadens the artist’s ongoing investigations of sonic perception, portraying the pitch of colour and the frequency of the painted line.

The effect of movement on the paintings is distinct, with the eye skipping between the foreground and background of the shifting picture plane. Aslandis’s paintings are not just representative of sound but resonate with it. They are chromatic scores for which Aslanidis decides the key. Sonic Network no.14 is the artist’s largest painting to date and will show alongside a new generative sound piece by Berlin-based sound artist Brian May.

Until July 25
Gallery 9, Darlinghurst
Pic: John Aslanidis, Sonic Network no.14, oil and acrylic on canvas, 305 x 488 cm. Courtesy the artist and Gallery 9, Sydney.

Stella Rosa McDonald

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