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For those who'd like a bit of background here's what happened...

In February 2004 - for reasons that are now mostly forgotten - The Art Life launched itself into the world of blogging. Bad mannered, foolishly optimistic, sometimes blunt - yet engaged and on-board - the blog embraced the Australian art world - and the art world loved it back.

Sort of.

The blog's motto 'the art life ...it's just like saying the good life' is a salute to the idea that although art and the art world can be maddening, we were all still true believers at heart. From 2004 until May 1st, 2010, The Art Life fought crime, righted wrongs and refused to be cowed by the forces of reaction. We spoke our minds and paid the price - we were loathed as much as we were liked but the hits continued to climb.

The success of the blog led to a number of unexpected opportunities. We were invited to write for magazines and newspapers, offer our opinions as guests of various radio programs, even to appear at conferences and talks. In 2007, we were invited to think up ideas of how we might transform the blog into a TV series for ABC1.  With one three-part series screening in 2007 and another in 2009, plus a number of one-off specials including shows on the Venice Biennale, The Sydney Biennale and the Asia Pacific Triennial, The Art Life is now being prepared for a third series, probably to be screened in 2011.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

This blog is what we're calling 'Art Life 2.0' a rebirth and a relaunch at a new address and with a new team, a new look and a new attitude. We're still committed to the project but now the TEAM has grown with new writers and an expanded scope - our main focus continues to be the art world at home and abroad but we're now covering much more.

TEAM Art Life is a collaborative project that will explore as-yet-unknown opportunities and possibilities - and we're always open to new writers and artists and curators and anyone who is looking for a home among the gum trees.

Want in? Write to us at theartlife [at] hotmail dot com.

The Art Life

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