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Poll Shock: Biennale regrets?

My only Biennale regret is… I won’t get to see it all 19% 16 I wasn’t asked to be artistic director 17% 15 My suggestions for catering were ignored 5% 4 I left my purse/wallet in the VIP toilet 6%

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Gettin Ill Like Heather Mills

Shock poll shock! Once again the proposition that reader’s comments should be moderated has been soundly defeated and so it’s up to you to be well behaved and sensible: Poll: Art Life comments should be moderated Yes 41% (58)No 59%(83)

Let That Be A Lesson

Last week we tried something different. We offered Art Life readers audio downloads [our first multimedia offering] which were commentaries on the art works in the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Primavera exhibition. Not all of them are spoken word; some

Site Life

Site Life

Polls , Uncategorized Jul 17, 2005

Last week we had a technical glitch which meant we couldn’t publish on Thursday. Our apologies to regular readers who, expecting a new update, logged in and found community notice board type announcements and press releases. It was starting to

Lists And Damn Lists

Everybody loves a list and the more controversial the better. When we introduced our polls last year, the hits site quadrupled in three days. Of course, we know that people were getting their friends to come in and vote while

Hiring & Firing

Never drive a metaphor while drunk, tipsy analogies will get you into strife and a few loose similes will get you into a lot of trouble as well. In fact, if you’ve just come off a two week detox diet

Democracy Defeated By Technical Glitch

Due to an unforseen technical problem we’ve had to call off the vote for Sydney’s most influential art person. Due to their general greatness and an awesome ability to spam potential voters to vote for them, we salute Phatspace as