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There’s still time…

… to vote in our “most influential commercial contemporary art gallery” poll. Current voting puts Gallery Barry Keldoulis in an almost unbeatable lead with 79 votes, Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery second with 65 votes and at the tail end of

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A Year in The Art Life…

We’re super excited to announce the premiere screening of our new made-for-TV special A Year in The Art Life. Screening at 10pm on Tuesday November 13th at 10pm on your ABC, the show features a run down of both the

2007 Beyond Thunderdome

It’s that time of year again, end-of-year best-of’s and meaningless lists… And we love ’em. The Art Life was recently asked to contribute to a glossy magazine ranking celebrities in the art world. Unfortunately, our nominations didn’t make the cut,

R.I.P. Art Life Mail Outs

We have to admit it – it didn’t work, we messed up and now we’re sorry. We’re talking about the venerable Art Life mail outs we’ve been sending to subscribers since we launched in 2004. A year ago our relationship

Things To See and Do

You’ve been wasting a lot of time browsing… which usually means you want to spend more time browsing. It’s a vicious cycle. Happily we’re here to help… We’ve updated with some new artist’s links. Incessant scribbler Gosia Wlodarczak has launched

Color Me In And Win A Prize
Mission Statement

Who are we, The Art Life? It seems incredible that in our fourth year of operation some readers are still asking that question, not just in who we are, literally, but what’s this blog all about? First of all, the



Site News Jul 17, 2007

Hello. How are you? Would you like a cup of tea? These questions are rhetorical, since we can neither hear you nor actually give you a cup of tea. But let’s just imagine the cup of tea is conceptual and

Venice Biennale Hee-Haw

Complete the following sentence and win a prize: “I enjoyed The Venice Biennale documentary that screened on the ABC on Tuesday July 17 because…”

Throwing Tacos At Helen Hunt

Bethany J Fellows wrote to us to advise Art Life readers she is performing her much anticipated Bethany J Fellows V Helen Hunt event on July 5, Centre Place, City [which we think means it’s happening in Melbourne next week].