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All in The Numbers III

Numbers: The final episode of The Art Life TV show went to air last night. We logged a very respectable 205,000 viewers, down from ep 2 but with an average of 253,000 viewers per episode. So how did we stack

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All In The Numbers II

Episode 2 of our ABC TV series went to air on Tuesday night. The numbers were good – 253,000 viewers around the country – slightly down from Episode 1. We were up against some stiff opposition for our key demographic

All In The Numbers

First, the bad news. Our planned updates from Venice never eventuated because of a number of logistical reasons. The most pressing problem was the Serene Republic’s lack of net cafes, the second problem was that there was no time to

While You Were Out

We’ve recently received a number of emails and comments asking us to do things, add links to our site or make various admissions. For example, a reader known only as Cruiser asked in a typically demanding yet lovable way: Maybe

Holiday Season Turkeys

We had Monkey Tennis ready to propose but instead said “How about a three part documentary on certain aspects of contemporary art?”

Art Life On The Radio

Our appearances on Eastside Radio’s Arts Tuesday are now bi-weekly. You can hear all your favourite reviews, gallery round ups and discussions of interesting art world topics with host Sean O’Brien and representatives of this here blog. We appear on

Who Built Tubbyland?

Working behind the scenes here at Art Life Central we’ve been building a better blog. Our recently updated artist sites includes a raft of new links after our call for submissions a few weeks back. In no particular order, we

End of Financial Year Madness

TEAM Art Life wears Pierre Cardin’s 1968 Winter Range. TEAM Art Life will be taking a short break and will return with a full update on Wednesday July 12. In the meantime, lay on the couch, relax and tell us

Careful What You Wish For: A Year In The Art Life
Mailbag # 4: The East Is Red

We is Simon Barney.