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New York Postcard: Re-imagined Mythologies

Deeper than the idea of skin

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The Power Trip 2018: The Australian Art World’s Most Influential People
New York Postcard: Utopian Ideals

“A hyper-capitalist dystopia of opulent, abandoned environments littered with the refuse of better days…”

Old Work Friday #8

“Joseph Wright was gripped by the power of Mount Vesuvius, dominating the Bay of Naples and the surrounding area.”

New York Postcard: Between Reality and Vision

There is connection to the real, but at the same time to the unreal.

New York Postcard: Camp America

Leisure spaces of prisoners and guards, the commodification of American military power…

New York Postcard: Handmade Pictures

Hand made pictures.

New York Postcard: Handmade Space Age

Constructions of extreme physical and narrative depth.

New York Postcard: Busted Viewfinders

Pictures of things.

New York Postcard: The Uncaged Bird

George Shaw reports from an exotic sounding place…