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Tunes for Tuesday: In Sicily I Slept In The Shadow Of A Rock

 In Sicily I Slept In The Shadow Of A Rock

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Modernism Monday #09

Young Girl Eating a Bird (The Pleasure)

Modernism Monday #08

Interior of the Anhalter Bahnhof railway terminus, near Potsdamer Platz, Berlin…

Tunes for Tuesday: Nobody Here

Nobody here



Art Life , Stuff Mar 19, 2018

“Part political satire, eco-horror and road movie, TERROR NULLIUS is a counterculture film which offers an un-writing of Australian national mythology…”

Modernism Monday #07

Wet Afternoon…

Old Work Friday #10

Dambimangari and Balanggarra country, The Kimberley Region, Western Australia.   

But Wait There’s More #15

‘Those layers are the product of an unusual childhood, one that turned her gaze outward from Japan…”

Modernism Monday #06

Lokomotiv i terräng

New Work Friday #233

“In a world that is over-aestheticised and racing ever-faster, ever-broader, there is a kind of pushback and pause that these paintings offer.”