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New Work Friday #203

‘I have tried to leave them all at a stage that reflects some kind of completion but I also feel as if they have no end.’

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New Work Friday #202

This is an embroidery that depicts a garish face in a yellow and black motley pattern.

New Work Friday #201

My principal methodology is to reconfigure whatever objects and materials are at hand.

New Work Friday #200

Gab Bates, ‘Developer Catcher’ (based on a traditional Voodoo ‘Devil Catcher’), W65cmxD65cmxH80cm, foraged & anointed sticks, bones, beads, coins, Inner West soil, cocain and the spittle of an angry young female artist at a council meeting. Gab Bates, ‘House Protection

New Work Friday #199

In 2014 I embarked on a mission to study and record the enormous amount of change and variety that occurs on a daily basis off the coast of Sydney.

New Work Friday #198

The work is contemplative in exploration of how pervasive and also how desensitising our over-exposure to these images can be.

Sydney Contemporary 2015

The centre of all gravity…

New Work Friday #197

The near future.

New Work Friday #196

Geology and alchemy, forging connections between discarded images, fetishising and fictionalising landscapes, proliferating a tangled narrative and the colonisation of images and objects.

New Work Friday #195

Light, movement, colour, line, repetition, optics and illusion.