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Consumption burn out

Guest blogger Gloria Suzie Kim makes her Art Life debut with a review of The Human Strike by Claire Fontaine at Helena Papadopoulos Gallery, Athens.

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Alternative Histories at Exit Art

Din Heagney, The Art Life International’s roving good will ambassador, writes from New York on a show about shows…

Postcard: New York

The Art Life’s roving international editor Din Heagney writes from the city that never sleeps [and other New York cliches…]…

Absolut Finale

In the finale of our Absolut Art Award coverage, Art Life editor Andrew Frost is given exclusive entry to a super-secret room, more free drinks than he knows what to do with, and is serenaded by the soundtrack of our lives…

Fully Sweded

“…all the pretty pretty boys she calls men.”

Swedish Surprise

Stockholm is a beautiful city where bars are plentiful and alcohol is served with breakfast.

Hello Sweden

Vodka is best served chilled.

Beijing Postcard

From Vienna Parreno Fake Fakes & Real Fakes I spent the second to last weekend of my Redgate residency arting & cramicking at the market – except most of the ceramic pieces the locals were hawking were probably made a

Come In London

From our London correspondent… It had to happen. Not content with the good life here, one recent recruit to TEAM Art Life has decamped to London, dusting off that British passport – now a ticket to the whole of the

China My China

UK born and Sydney-based artist Ash Hempsall is a long time friend of The Art Life and is an occasional contributor. Now resident in Shanghai he’s started his own bilingual blog The Viewing Experience. Since Blogger is banned by the