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The Crack In The World

Ian Houston writes from London… The work, entitled Shibboleth 2007, runs the full 167 metres of the cavernous hall on London’s South Bank. It begins as a crack then widens and deepens as it snakes across the room. Colombian artist

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Wall Paper: Art & Life In HKSAR

After 156 years of British rule Hong Kong reverted back to Chinese rule in 1997. It’s now officially known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). From an international centre of trade and commerce with a population largely uninterested in

Saluti dalla centrale del "blag" di arte!

TEAM Art Life is on the international blag express to Venice!

Noh New York

High Times Hard Times New York Painting 1967 –1975…

Dedicated to…

I’ve been in new york for 3 months so this is a bit of a remote rant about spaces far away.