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In The Neighbourhood of The Classic

Rick Amor is keeping metaphysical painting alive

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A Simple Idea Well Done

Next door to Boutwell Draper is GRANTPIRRIE and they have a show by Melbourne artist Patrick Pound. The show is called Soft- A Model Real World. Pound took close up pictures of images in newspapers, advertising supplements and real estate

Head, Man, Land

We went past a gallery on Liverpool Street just up the road from the super-swanky de de ce furniture shop. At least we thought it was a gallery – we couldn’t be sure because every other shop looks like a

We Get Sort of Mixed Up

We try to apply an even level of ignorance to everything we see. It’s like being consistent but it doesn’t demand as much effort. We had gone last week to see Dani Marti’s show at Sherman Galleries but we’d missed

Unified Theory of Getness Part 1.

We have been having a lot of thoughts recently about the nature of obviousness. Is it good to be obvious? Is it bad to be obscure? Could we formulate a unified theory of “getability”? We weren’t sure and confused and