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Echo Solar Series

As renditions of hard-edged abstraction, Daniel Hollier’s works would be considered imperfect.

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Another Time, Another Place: Joel Rea

Joel Rea describes himself as a Contemporary Surrealist Painter, but his work is also a twist on the aesthetics of the sublime in 18th century Romantic art.

The Prince: Michael Zavros

Guest blogger Ken Leslie gets to grips with Michael Zavros’s latest exhibition where the artist appropriates the appropriator…

New Work Friday #129

From the land beyond beyond.

Wicked Women

Sexy or sexist?

Peter Tyndall


Bated Breath

Hopkins eschews the big painting gesture for the architecture of the reduced square…

Community IV: Celebrating Forty Years of Papunya Tula Artists

In the small community of Papunya in 1971 the foundations for what can probably only be called a revolution in Australian art were laid.

New Work Friday #126

Gilbert Grace’s aesthetic is informed by the British landscape painting tradition and early Australian colonial artist



Art Life , Exhibitions Nov 09, 2012

Frazer’s visual style is showy but his big statement is an absence.