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Julie Rrap: She’s Back

Arts writer and critic Tracey Clement has recently launched her own blog. Unfettered by editorial guidelines she’s now free to voice her opinions, pro and con on art, and share them with the world. Here she reviews Julie Rrap’s latest show…

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Artist performer Steve Walsh got himself into a world of hurt when he took a photo of a microwave oven at this local servo. Carrie Miller reports.

New Work Friday #44

“My work stems from an intense fear of life or reality. The exaggerated, slightly tormenting characters I create are both a reflection of this fear and a means of gaining control of it. The creatures exist in a paranoid half-reality

“It’s Art As You’ve Never Seen It Before…”

Tino La Bamba‘s quest to ride a motorised dragster from Sydney to Lismore was an astonishing success but it is only now that the startling details of his adventure are becoming known. La Bamba, who may be somehow related to

Room to Move

Room to Move

Exhibitions Jun 10, 2009

Lucas Ihlein writes: Just thought to let you and your dear readers know that we’ve been doing a re-enactment of allan kaprow’s wonderful “push and pull – a furniture comedy for hans hoffman” (1963) down at locksmith project space. it’s

"I see spots, some are smeared, some are not"

    “I am writing to you about an event that I thought the art life might be interested in posting about. On Saturday 28th March at the Dendy Opera Quay in Sydney, I went to see the film ‘I

Universe Avoids Annihilation: When Renny Met Kenny

What’s the biggest threat to the continuing existence of the universe? The Large Hadron Collider? Bah! It’s possible meeting of positively charged Kenny Rogers particles with exotic anti-Renny Kodgers free radicals. Below is video documentation of the near-death of the



Art Life , Interviews May 13, 2008

Over the last few years John A Douglas has been exhibiting his ongoing Screen Test series in various artist run galleries. His latest work is now on show in the ambitious exhibition Screen Test [Americana/Australiana] – Fragments and Stills at

From Nobody

From Nobody

Art Life Apr 26, 2008

Shtty Rail, by Nobody, via YouTube. More of Nobody’s work can be seen on the Nobody Who channel. If you’re viewing this post via email, click here to see the video.

Glorious Mono

Glorious Mono

Media , Music Feb 18, 2008

From Ian Houston Robert Henke, also known as Monolake, is a musician, but only just. He explores that area of music on the very edge of becoming sound or perhaps he explores that area of noise, just on the edge