Crouching Tiger, Nutty Squirrel

Art Life Mar 23, 2004 No Comments

We promised ourselves when we started this blog that we weren’t going to get too self reflexive. We’d just talk about what was interesting to us and hope people would come along for the ride. So far, The Art Life has been doing very well. We’ve been able to glean from the blessed site counter widget over there on the right hand side of this page that the page hits here are very healthy and we have visitors from all over the world including someone who came to us from a military web address. We salute your efforts!

The mail we’ve been getting has been mostly positive and people are curious as to who we are. J.V. Adams wrote to us:

Just set my eyeballs loose on your blogspot and they liked what they saw. who are the precious jerks of art behind this site? or is it secret squirrel?

Call us precious jerks, will ya! J.V. has a point about us being jerkish but to be honest, we always preferred the Nutty Squirrels to secret squirrels. As to our identity, it’s never been a secret, it’s just that we’re not going around advertising it. All will become clear in time.

Meanwhile, others have written in to say… well, check it out:

…what you do is really prosaic, its neither here nor there just waffling crap Its a weird passive aggressive unclear ramble about really boring things that are happening here – and your complaints are banal to say the least is this all you can dredge up – critique on uncomfortable seats, personal comments about artists and prejudging things before they happen, and dumb and uninteresting dribble about magazines everyone knows are crap…

Stop denigrating other peoples genuinely difficult and innovative initiatives to play out your smug little insecurities.

im sick to death of this vile, infantile, conservative dreary little art scene.and what you are doing just adds to the whole mess

Check out warhol‘s diaries why dont you/ or read a bit of matt collings and see how they lay “gossip” over genuinely conceptual frameworks. Too hard i guess.

You should be ashamed of yourself, and i guess if I told anyone i saw this, theyd say its stupid why worry about it. But I DO NOT see why we have to put up with lies especially from something that seems to be written by artworld people. You expect it from the newspapers but this is shameful.

If you have been asking, “how can I get involved in the whole Art Life experience?” an answer is here. The little comments tag at the end of each story is a clickable popup where you can leave comments, thoughts, or a bitch about the blog. You don’t have to leave your real name or address as you can put anything in those fields you want. You can also email us at

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