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After receiving a very polite email from that very well spoken young man Tim Hilton we are pleased to announce that we have links to three new blogs. Richard Gurney’s blog is pink text on blue background – don’t view with a hangover – and The Wild Boys performance art crew has a site with the somewhat mysterious subtitle The Glare of Live Living. Hilton’s own blog is called MikoFanCluband features some very nice pictures of someone looking glamorous. We’re not sure if these are pictures of Hilton, but we have to ask, who is that guy’s publicist? He’s everywhere – we opened up the Sun Herald recently and read in S about his latest escapades and there was a picture of him as well. If he keeps up this level of public profile he’ll end up as the next Richard Wilkins. It has been suggested to us that Hilton isn’t that ubiquitous after all and that we’ve perhaps been confusing him with Suzanne Boccalatte. It’s possible – the resemblance is uncanny.

The Wild Boys completely barmy exhibition/performance/installation/party at Phatspace in 2003 was a hoot, extending the trash/art nexus about as far as it would go. The group is having a new show as part of the Mardi Gras art program and we reproduce here the group’s press release:

“The Wild Boys are a troupe of boy artists hooked on big gay fun. Trevor Fry, Richard Gurney and Tim Hilton + special guests come together for site-specific installation and process work. Their plan for the next installment is to take over the penthouse at mememememe hyper contemporary lodge and turn it into their studio cum clubhouse cum fag summit! The Wild Boys will be working in the space throughout the duration of the show. Their interests include Grace Jones, sewing bees, wigs, Stefanie Powers, glamour, celebrity, lip syncing and noize. So roll out the flokati, pop your cork, crack open the ritz and cum join the Wild Boys! All of the work in the show will be made on the spot – including sound pieces/dressups/photography/zine making/video/installation/drawing/chatting/hanging out – we will bring the raw materials in and go from there. Our idea is to set something in motion with little planning and to see where it takes us. Anybody who wants to can come along and join in – either as an observer or active participant. The level of commitment is up to the guest. Few holds barred. We also have a list of special guests/heroes/heroines that will be formally invited to either work in the space during the show or to show off their wares on opening/closing night. Gallery details: mememememe hyper contemporary lodge, Hibernian House, Level 5, 342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills 13th February – 6th March. Opening Party: 19th February 6pm Closing Party: 4th March 6pm.”

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