Poll Shock: Publish and be damned!

Polls Jul 12, 2006 No Comments

To celebrate my [X] decades in the art biz I will

Promptly go out of business 8 votes
Diversify from painting and sculpture into video art 7 votes
Get in a whole lot of new artists to smarten up my act 2 votes
Get in a brand new grand piano for the front room 5 votes
Publish a limited edition book documenting my greatness 17 votes
Move shelf companies from Switzerland to Bahamas 6 votes
Go to Europe for the art fair season 6 votes
Open up an annex to quietly deal secondary market leftovers 1 vote
Finally cave in and pay for a full page ad in Art Collector 7 votes
Write off donation to AGNSW as a tax deduction 7 votes

66 Votes total

The Art Life

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