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From Andrew Frost

The now defunct Allied Mills at Summer Hill is a massive and imposing industrial site in the landscape of the inner west. With its high bluff white walls and multi-story silos, the Mills exists as tantalising possibility: on the one hand, commercial developers with a dream to turn the site a sci-fi cityscape are continuing their negotiations with various authorities, while on the other hand a part of the space is now Mungo Studios, a collection of artists making and building within the old site.


Curated by Catherine Benz, Inside The Silos brings together the work of a collection of artists working Mungo Studios, and investigates the traces and influences the space has had on the work. Ryan Leech’s Medres, is a mixed media work that speaks directly of a collision between materials and industry, while Mark Brown’s sound installation is derived from sound recordings that, when played back in the gallery, create the same resonant frequency as the Allied Mills silos. More tangentially related perhaps is Louis Pratt’s sculpture, and an array of work shown elsewhere including work by Aaron Anderson, Sally Gibbs, Ryan Leech, Todd McMillan, Freya Zinovieff, Jamie North, Sophie Clague, Clare Nicholson, Jari Kutasi and Daniel Wallace.

April 6-28
Delmar Gallery, Ashfield.
Pic: Ryan Leech, Untitled, 2013. Mixed media layered with resin on canvas, 230x 185cm. Courtesy Delmar Gallery and the artist.

Andrew Frost

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