New Work Friday #217

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Karen Boulden’s work seems to incorporate both natural vessels (did these objects come from the sea?) and human made. One is reminded of reliquaries; not that her objects are containers for holy relics, but that they suggest some deeper purpose, some other function that belies their simple beauty. Boulden makes attractive objects, but she takes her project further, crossing the boundaries of sculpture, painting and installation, conjuring ancient customs that might be found in the DNA of all peoples.These are sensitively crafted objects but they also allude to the mystery of life itself, a concern that underscores much human creativity. Of course art itself is a vessel, of sorts, a repository for ideas, opinions, experiences, feelings.” – Karen Boulden – Dark Vessels, until March 31, 2017. THE WALL art projects, Eastside Mall, Ulladulla, NSW 

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