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Frazer’s visual style is showy but his big statement is an absence.

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New South Wales

Alan Jones’s practice is a witty and insightful exploration of national identity

New Work Friday #124

“The ‘Aurora Biscuit Factory’ in Marrickville allows artists to create work on their carpark wall.

As If

As If

Art Life , Exhibitions Oct 19, 2012

Singular Vocab.



Exhibitions Oct 12, 2012

A halo is that luminous ring or disc around the heads of saints in icon painting, yet is also that ephemeral band of light around the sun or moon.

The Piano of My Brother

Sydney’s best toilet is ‘number 8 in the Opera House’.

Virginia Coventry 2012

Virginia Coventry’s latest body of work has the majestic logic of music.

New Work Friday #123

Each dawn and dusk I purposed to encounter the wild deserted beauty – to wait and discover the romance of the changing skie

On The Heysen Trail

Sharne Wolff went on a walking holiday and found art…

All The Things I Now Only Just Understand

Thinking-through is a ongoing process and Messiah’s subtly powerful paintings are sign posts in land of unique logic.