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Whispers from a band of Myth Makers | Cataracts & Waterfalls
Everything and Nothing

A long winding road or in the shadows of an isolated cave…

Acid | Gothic

There is a feeling of resistance…

Useless Gestures

For her exhibition Useless Gestures, Sarah Mosca has created another kind of transformation…

On The Surface of Things

Photography is rapidly becoming a legacy medium reserved for artists and specialist collectors…

To Revisit: Sarah Mosca’s New Works

Isobel Philip looks through the veil into Sarah Mosca’s opaque worlds..

New Works

New Works

Art Life , Exhibitions Nov 09, 2012

From Sharne Wolff… In 1943, the Nazis executed a daring plan to rescue Mussolini from his temporary prison in a small Hotel located in the wild Abrezzo region of Italy. This is just one of many stories uncovered by Sarah