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Media Release

After showing work by over 400 hundred local, interstate and international
artists over the past three years, Phatspace is closing its doors for the last
time on 16 December 2005.

As a site, Phatspace has been host to performances, exhibitions, multi-media
events and launches, and its annual program has endeavoured to facilitate
open dialogues between artists, writers, curators, academics and the wider
public. While the physical gallery space will cease to exist, Phatspace will
continue to operate as a project that initiates opportunities for Australian

From 2006 The Phatspace Video Library will be housed at PELT (Unit 2, 46
Balfour St, Chippendale) and will continue to be an important resource for
new media artists from Australia and around the world. The Phatspace
website will continue to be operational and will include extensive archival
material, upcoming news and events and information about future projects
including the Netball Gala Day for the Arts Community on 4 December.

The first international project for Phatspace in 2005/6 is a collaboration with
Melbourne gallery BUS, in Japan, showcasing the work of 25 Sydney and
Melbourne artists. The exhibitions Through a Strangers Eyes and The
Sensory Image
were shown at Designfesta in Tokyo from 26-27 November
2005 and will be at Arts Aporia in Osaka from 18 December till 10 January
2006. For more information on this project visit the project site.

The current and past directors have innumerable people to thank for their
support and tireless efforts over the past three years. Artist-run initiatives
are dependent on the passion, drive, generosity and faith of many people
and we would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who has
supported Phatspace in any capacity – your involvement has been greatly
appreciated and valued.

The last events in the gallery space will be Chewing the Phat with George
on 4 December at 7:30pm and solo exhibitions by Bonita Bub and Jasper Knight opening on 8 December from 6pm till late. Please come along and help us celebrate the end of one era and the beginning of a new one.

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