Things Happen Even While On Holiday

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Emma White’s Paper Trail at Phatspace

“Please come and see my show Paper Trail at Phatspace. The show runs until Oct 22 (the gallery is open Wed-Sat until 6pm). Everything will be correctly spelled. “

Brett Moffatt’s A Charade at Brian Moore Gallery.

“In his first solo exhibition in three years, SILENT FICTIONS, Brett Moffatt examines the psychological and emotional charges created by figures within enclosed settings. Moffatt’s work is both seductive and discomforting, exploring how a static painted image can evoke its own past and future through compositional and subject matter choices. This extraordinary exhibition of around 25 works will include a series of miniatures painted with the aid of a microscope. Exhibition continues until Saturday 5 November 2005. Brian moore gallery, 11 – 6 Tue Fri, 10 – 5 Sat.”

Damiano Bertoli’s Continuous Moment: Hot August Knife at MOP Projects

MOP 6 October – 23 October 2005

“THE FUTURE LASTS A LONG TIME; OR, DAMIANO BERTOLI’S Continuous Moment: Hot August Knife 1969 is undoubtedly a key year in the story of the Continuous Moment. In 1969, Rupert Murdoch buys the British tabloid News of the World. Yasser Arafat becomes head of the PLO, diverse terrorist organisations strike across the globe, and the Soviets and Americans escalate the space race. The Yanks land on the moon (allegedly “for all mankind”), and continue to bomb the crap out of Vietnam. The Soviets squabble with the Chinese. Chicago cops shoot two Black Panthers in their sleep. Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife, is slaughtered by the Manson Family. The world’s first ATM is installed in New York. There’s Woodstock. Altamont. Lennon and Ono have a Bed-In. Hippie communes breed like rabbits. The radical Florentine designers of SUPERSTUDIO launch their Continuous Monument. And 1969 is also the year in which DAMIANO BERTOLI is born… ”

Anna Peters On A Roll at MOP Projects.

“In my paintings I use the cartoon format – a well known way of incorporating words with characters. The characters act out the worlds, which can vary from the serious to silly, the funny to the not so funny.”

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