Jazz Is Cool You Crazy Fool

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Last year we expressed the sincere wish that The Art Life could have it’s own band in the grand tradition of bona fide art movements aligning themselves with cool groups. We were thinking perhaps of the Prague Spring and the greatest band no one has ever heard of, the Plastic People of The Universe, but we’d be just as happy to settle for Downtown NYC circa 81 and No Wave hipsters DNA. But like many of our Christmas wishes we found ouselves bereft, awaking on December 25 without so much as a CD under the tree. Imagine our immense pleasure to receive an email from Adelaide-based group Kubrick. The band are spruiking their new album soon to be available on iTunes. Of course, long time readers would know that our page design is in fact called Kubrick For Blogger but of more relevance, the band’s self titled release features the rather splendid art work of long-time linkee Deidre But-Husaim. The band’s bassist CJ Rhodes sent us a couple of MP3s to sample the band’s style and we give ’em two unqualified thumbs up. The band is kind of jazz, man, kind of free, but right in the pocket. How did they know that we keep a copy of Beneath The Underdog as our bedside reading? Jazz is cool, you crazy fool.

The Art Life

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