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This Wednesday sees the opening of a new artist run initiative Loose. Located in the same building as the much loved but now departed Scott Donovan Gallery and just next door to the very much still here Mori Gallery, Loose is offering punters a slightly different approach to an artist run gallery. Instead of the usual panel of directors inviting artists to propose exhibitions, Loose is a group of ten artists who will have a month long slot in the exhibiton calendar in which they can either show their own work, curate a show, have a group exhibition, stage one-off one-day events or whatever else takes their fancy. The 10 artists involved are, David Haines, Philipa Veitch, Carla Cescon, Mark Titmarsh, Lisa Kelly, Anne Kay, Jane Polkinghorne, Alex Gawronski, Bronia Iwanczak and Ryszard Dabek.

Loose, 2nd floor, 168 Day St Sydney (above Mori Gallery)

As the gallery’s web site explains: “Loose is a new artist’s run initiative that has arisen from the dust of the Scott Donovan Gallery. While Scott has now gone on to develop Scott Donovan Projects many of the artists he promoted have joined together to transform the artists relationship from a commercial gallery to an artist run non profit space. While Loose is run by artists it is quite different to the usual ‘ARI’ model. Loose does not take proposals but offers invitations. Loose does not charge rental or commission on sales, except to those participating artists who willing contribute a small commission towards running costs of the gallery.”

The gallery opens this Wednesday, April 5 at 6pm for an inaugural Group Show which runs until April 29, follwed in May by a show by Mark Titmarsh. Loose, 2nd floor, 168 Day St Sydney
(above Mori Gallery).

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