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ian milliss the invisible artist

You are invited to the opening on Wednesday, 10 May 6-8 pm at
Macquarie University Gallery

Ian Milliss is often categorised as an early conceptual artist, but this is a term he refutes. Always political and outspoken, by 1972 he stopped exhibiting as an artist to work in the Green Bans movement. In thethirty years since, he has defined a radically different model of the artist as activist.

In this exhibition the gallery space is activated through virtual audience participation and the internet, to provide a view of both Ian’s public and personal work that the art world has rarely seen, allowing the audience to further investigate and comment.

Floor talks by Ian Milliss, Wed 17 May at 11am & Sat 27 May at 11am

Lunchtime talks; Wed 24 May at 1pm, Wed 31 May at 1pm, Thursday 8 June at 1pm, Thursday 15 June at 1pm.

Special Event, Saturday 10 June 3pm-4.30pm Media Action Group, a re-enaction Presented by Ian Milliss & Prof. Terry Smith.

Ian Milliss has been working with the concepts and relationships between the artist, object and audience in a museum context, since working with Christo and Jean-Claude on the Wrapping of Little Bay in Sydney,1969.

Artist talk & Collaborative Workshop Duration: 2 hours Cost: $10 include GST Bookings Essential (time and date flexible)


gloss enamel cd launch with special guests dave graney and clare moore saturday 13 may 3-5pm tomasetti house 277-279 flinders lane melbourne free for further information contact uplands gallery


Mark Titmarsh, DSD, acrylic on aluminium, 90 x 110 cm 2005


Mark Titmarsh


Loose projects
Level 2 168 Day St, Sydney CBD. Opening Wed 3rd May 2006 6-8pm. Continues to Sat 20th May. gallery hours, 12-5 Thursday and Friday, 1-6 Saturday


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The Packet Agency
Curated by Jesse Birch (Canada)

For 2 weeks, May 2 – 14, TCB gallery will be transformed in to ‘The Packet Agency”. Jesse Birch has invited 20 artists from around the world to send an artwork to The Packet agency headquarters, when on the evening of May 3rd, members of the public will gather together, and be asked to choose an envelope and display the contents within the space as they see fit. The installation is based on relationships between the viewers, the artists and the space.

Packet Agents:

Yuki Kimura (lives in Kyoto, Japan)
Takao Minami, (lives in Kyoto, Japan)
Momoko Usami, (lives in Kyoto, Japan)
Kae Masuda, (lives in Kyoto, Japan)
Leslie Grant, (lives in New York)
Leah Newman, (lives in New York)
Pourus Walker (lives in San Francisco)
Christoffer Rudquist, (lives in London, England)
Brian Lye, (lives in Kenya)
Michele DiMenna, (lives in Frankfurt)
Kerri Reid, (lives in Toronto)
Warren Hill (lives in Montreal)
Scott Evans, (lives in Victoria, Canada)
Jane Lee, (lives in Vancouver)
Jacob Gleeson, (lives in Vancouver)
Sonja Ahlers, (lives in Vancouver)
Marrise Aguilar, (lives in Vancouver)
Robert Niven, (lives in Vancouver)
Serena McCarroll, (lives in Vancouver)
Abbas Akhavan, (lives in Vancouver)


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The Art Life

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