Poll Shock: It’s Rigged!

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We never thought we’d live to see the day when a poll at The Art Life was subject to the biggest voting rort since Queensland in the 80s… Yes, agents working for Nigel Milsom staged a stunning electoral coup by working around our foolproof anti-multiple vote widget. Although the numbers never lie, in this case they do. We therefore declare a tie for first place between Christopher Hanrahan and Sarah Smuts Kennedy.

The Best Show of of 2005 was

Nigel Milsom at Phatspace 35% 101 [disqualified]

Christoper Hanrahan at Esa Jaske 15% 44

Sarah Smuts Kennedy at GBK 15% 44

Bill Henson at Art Gallery of NSW 9% 27

Tony Schwensen at Performance Space 4% 11

Ricky Swallow in Venice 4% 11

Interesting Times at the MCA 4% 11

Seven Beauties at Tin Sheds 2% 6

Kingpins at Kaliman 2% 5

David Haines at Scott Donovan 2% 5

Trent Parke at Stills 1% 4

Tracey Moffatt at Oxley 1% 4

Dont Look Now at Mori Gallery 1% 4

Monika Tichacek at Artspace 1% 4

Nell at Rosyln Oxley 1% 3

Situation at the MCA 1% 2

Sarah Parker at Mori 1% 2

Bleak Epiphanies at Virginia Wilson 0% 1

Halinka Orszulok at MOP Projects 0% 1

Lyndal Jones at Artspace 0% 0

total votes: 290

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