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Emile Zile, Spielberg on Kubrick (Father-figure dvd bonus extra), 2010

“The work ‘Spielberg on Kubrick (Father-figure dvd bonus extra) 2010,

* seeks to sloppify the proud (pseudo-) potency, present in the business of Hollywood film making.
* can be seen as a ‘de-masturbation’ of Spielbergs oral tribute to Kubrick.
* is a portrait of a self-proclaimed god father, rambling in circles.
* interprets a monologue and suggests a spastic nature in the concept of ‘I’ve got your back pal’.
* tries to digitally dethrone Steven Spielberg.
* is a release of the original version of the interview. (He is a meaty and neurotic robot).
* was shown in the expo BYOB in Berlin July 2010.
* text by Max Van Zomeren…”

Artist website: Emile Zile

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