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Postcard: New York

The Art Life’s roving international editor Din Heagney writes from the city that never sleeps [and other New York cliches…]…

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In advance of a broken column

Nigel Lendon casts an eye over the spiffy new entrance of the National Gallery of Australia…

Inception: Christopher Nolan Generic

Marcus Trimble writes on the architectural vision of Christopher Nolan, from Batman Begins to Inception…

Art Galleries: As New, Hardly Used

Marcus Trimble, editor of top architecture blog Gravestmor completes his three part guest blog for The Art Life with this installment on new art galleries around the world. Please join us in thanking Mr. Trimble for his fine efforts and

Hey, Art Inside!

Marcus Trimble returns with the latest installment in his magnum opus style guest blog – this week a short tour through art galleries of the world… Now that I have all the plugs for gravestmor out of the way, and

Greetings From The Grave

If I had to choose a side, if forced, it would be the College of Arts because they are housed in an old asylum…