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Here are the facts: Billie Rose won last year’s Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize. A year later the artists has a show with At The Vanishing Point. And releases a CD. Got it? Meredith Birrell tries to make sense of all the excitement…

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Meredith Birrell takes a peek behind the curtain…

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Art Life Oct 20, 2010

Sharne Wolff sends us a postcard from Brisbane’s artist run initiative festival…

Unwishful Thinking

Isobel Philip paid a visit to Dara Gill’s Unwish at Firstdraft and left feeling anxious…

We have a winner!

Congratulations Stephanie Quirk, you filled in the blanks and won!

Farewell Pelt

Farewell Pelt

Interviews Aug 09, 2006

Another one bites the dust. The much loved and highly energetic artist run gallery Pelt is to close its doors after its application for funding from the Australia Council was knocked back. The gallery has one last exhibition opening tonight

Put One In The Brain

Sometimes it feels like artists are doing everything in their power to stop you seeing their art. We went to First Draft Gallery expecting to get in since it was already 1.20pm (gallery hours being 1pm-6pm) and guess what? The

Man, Face, Mask

We left Liverpool Street Gallery with a few regrets, but we vowed to put this badness behind us and get down to Gallery 4A to see the Wang Jianwei show Giant Steps. We didn’t know much about Jianwei, but we

The Lotus Eaters

What is not to like about Phatspace? What a gallery, what a feeling, what a hell of an organisation they’ve got over there! Where other galleries rest on their laurels and let business take care of itself once they’ve opened,