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New Work Friday #60

Louie Joyce, The Secret. “Louie Joyce is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Kings Cross, Sydney. His love for comics, both the strong graphic imagery and narrative, is something he tries to distill into single images – moments that

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Scratching William Kentridge’s Nose

Sydney editor-at-large Isobel Philip comes face to face with a great big nose…

BOS2010: Yamaguchi Akira

In Yamaguchi Akira’s drawing, the present has almost reached its crisis point writes Andrew Frost.

Beyond The Edge

Some months back we posted an image by Ross Racine. After the artist got in touch to ask us to let readers know that he has new work available on his web site, we asked if he’d agree to a

New Work Friday #30

Greetings, Oh how I find it difficult to talk about my work! Let me see… I usually work in ink and pastel; this allows me to compose my pictures very quickly. Indeed, I seldom spend more than an evening on

A Meander Into Wonder

From Isobel Johnston… The raven is a bird often seen as a portent of evil or a bad omen. In their absence or their presence there lies the unsettling suggestion that something evil follows. From the six ravens that legend

New Work #28

New Work #28

New Work Aug 21, 2009

Justin Cooper, Fear and Same Sex Love, 2009. “Today, we appear to fear just about everything. One reason why we fear so much is because life is dominated by competing groups of fear entrepreneurs who promote their cause, stake their

New Work Friday #18

Ross Racine, Goldenwood Shores, 2009. Drawing, 60 x 80 cms. Ross Racine, Highland Farms, 2006. Drawing, 30 x 52 cms. Ross Racine, Subdivision, Cedar Valley. 2006. Drawing, 38 x 50 centimeters. “Drawn freehand directly on a computer and printed on

No Hugging, No Learning

Pepe Le Pew writes… Artexpress 2009 opened the Art Gallery of NSW. It was a gala affair despite an earlier midday starting time replete with new Ministers and special guests Ben Quilty and Del Kathryn Barton who offered pragmatic and

Day of The Locust

Carrie Miller writes… The Blue Mountains-based artist Locust Jones is currently producing 20 and 30 metre long artworks on continuous rolls of paper that tread the fault line between traditionaldrawing and painting – work that is both graphic but with