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The Republic of Bees

Remember Kazakhstan? Maybe, thinks Sharne Wolff…

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Reviews Sep 25, 2011

Robert Hollingworth wonders whether new shows by Philip Hunter and Tina Douglas might suggest a new way of considering the art object…

Drawn to abstraction

As the flood waters begin to recede into memory, business resumes at Brisbane’s commercial galleries, writes Sharne Wolff

Character Studies

Character Studies

Reviews Aug 06, 2010

Isobel Philip uncovers the layers of Noel McKenna’s mischievous wit…

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE

At the Institute of Modern Art, a new show by Scott Redford and Michael Zavros attempts to fool the foolish – or so claims Andrew Frost.

Fly me to the moon?

The Art Life’s senior Melbourne correspondent Din Heagney takes a bold step in to the unknown…

Cool, Classical

From Bonny Dot Cassidy… There are are exhibitions that come along only once in a curator’s career; and I imagine a survey of Fiona Hall’s work to be one of those — the chance to interact with a living, local

Blending In

Blending In

Art Life , Reviews Apr 07, 2008

From Isobel Johnston… Things I don’t remember is the title of a song by Ugly Casanova aka Modest Mouse – who happened to be in town at around the same time as the opening of Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro’s

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Birch’s work toys with the vagaries of identity – Peter Criss being a vessel for the true revelation of the fiction of identity – but there is also a palpable sense of frustration here as well.

Oh You Crazy Artists

Gags and art. Art and gags. There just aren’t enough of them. Certainly not many good ones.