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Other People #8

At GOMA’s ladies nite it was a glittering evening of celebrities and art stars – meanwhile Carrie Miller was at home in the Shire with a cheeseburger…

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Other People: Archibald Special

Carrie Miller learned of the winner of this year’s Archibald Prize just like everyone else – via social media about two hours before it was official…

Other People VI: Shake & Bake

Carrie Miller doesn’t expect to be invited anywhere soon…

Other People IV: Xmas Special

In her final column of 2011, Carrie Miller looks back over the year and reminisces on the memories…

Other People III

As Hegel argued “an idea is always a generalization, and generalization is a property of thinking. To generalize means to think.” Carrie Miller makes some sweeping generalisations – and maybe even a few frenemies as well…

Other People II

Lowlights and highlights, reality television and the man who fell to earth… Carrie Miller finally gets out of the house…

Other People

Other People

Other People Oct 31, 2011

Carrie Miller looks at the world through her television…

Artists only thanks

While debate rages in the media over the practice of people choosing to identify with a participial ethnic group and/or oppressed culture, Carrie Miller uncovers another troubling trend – unqualified individuals claiming to be artists…

Taking up the slack: new frontiers for smut

The Art Life’s senior social affairs editor Carrie Miller discovers that there is one last frontier to be exploited by artists seeking sensational content for their art – and it isn’t pretty.

Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct for the Copying of Other People’s Work

Regardless of where you stood on the issue of Sam Leach’s winning entry in this year’s Wynne Prize, it appears the controversy has sparked some in the art world into action on the issue of copying in art. The premier example of this is the Australia Council’s recent announcement that they will be drawing up formal guidelines in relation to the matter.