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BOS2010: AES+F

Russian art group AES+F’s The Feast of Trimalchio is one of the Biennale of Sydney 2010 most talked-about pieces. Michael Hutak gets to grips with its seductive surfaces and grim reflections of the real world…

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Apres Video: "F#$%ing fantastic!"

From Carrie Miller I know what you’re wondering. What’s that smell? Well, it’s the decomposing corpse of video art in the stockrooms of prestigious contemporary art galleries around the world. Twenty years ago none of us could have predicted the

New Work Friday #17

  Sediment True, from Gary Deirmendjian.

Venice Reflux: Doctorin’ The Tardis

From John Kelly… Entering the TARDIS – an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space , I go walkabout within the monolith that contains The Meaning of Life. I race across time eating Mad Max’s dust as he tears

Every day feels like a Friday

A few months back we posted a YouTube video by Brian Alfred, an artist exploring painting and animation. Happily, we’ve now discovered this short doco on his work… ArtFlick001: Brain Alfred, via YouTube. Can’t see the soothing video? Click here

New Work Friday #11

“… a found hula hoop stands and rolls to the sea. Perhaps it says something about needing to know and taking steps towards an ultimate surrender …” Gary Deirmendjian, “down down down” … the yellow hoop hears a calling, 2008.

The Possibility of an Island

From Bonny Dot Cassidy… The 2008 Biennale of Sydney Cockatoo Island “branch” has now exceeded its anticipated visitation by 5,000 people, and we should expect that figure to continue climbing through August. Sidling over the waves toward the Island, my

Red Light On

Red Light On

Interviews Jul 28, 2008

Performing for the Camera, curated by Kelly Doley and Diana Smith, is currently showing at Firstdraft until August 2nd. An impressive collection of pieces by artists working at the intersection of video and performance, we asked Diana Smith about the

Please Stand By

Please Stand By

Art Life May 21, 2008

Please Stand By #9, by Elvis Richardson. If you’re seeing this post via email click here to view.

Bill Viola’s Good Manners

From Rory Dufficy… Bill Viola’s work has always seemed suffused with a reflection of meaning – the outlines of something profound are visible, and the gestures and motions and surfaces seem to reveal something, but too often end up as