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Take Your Best Shot

The troubling gaze of photography.

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The Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

The contemporary art world has enough prizes for artists who don’t win them to be resentful for a lifetime.

Steep Descent

Locust Jones’s new works represent an important development, still committed to grappling with the immediate political and cultural depicted with ntensity and confusion.

The Hanging Sky

Shane Cotton is best known for combining traditional Maori iconography with European symbols, suggestive both of his own bicultural identity and as a way of thinking through questions of colonialism that are at the heart of New Zealand’s identity and culture

Late Sculpture

Walk into Agatha Gothe-Snape’s latest show and you’ll be confronted by a pair of seemingly irreconcilable objects…

Debil Debil

The artists in Debil Debil take their cues from the way Tracey Moffatt’s film beDevil conjures imaginative places beyond the bounds of our knowable world.

Living in the ruins of the 20th Century

The variety of sometimes bizarre, beautiful and strange artworks and museum objects in the exhibition were selected for their capacity to engage curiosity, by breaking with habituated patterns of thinking or knowing about something.

The Big Picture

In a digitally networked culture, we experience the visual world as fragmentation…



Art Life , Exhibitions Mar 29, 2013

A new exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery doesn’t appear to be about art at all.

New Romantic

Back to nature…