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New York Postcard: Butch in the streets, femme in the sheets…

‘As if borne out of dreams, loose threads of beauty and melancholy weave throughout the scenes…’

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New Work Friday #235

“Yulia Pustoshkina presents an imagined reality of whimsical characters as animals, birds, fish, and for the first time a human form.”

More than just flesh and bone: Kieran Bryant’s embodied environment

“The fountains, canals, sewer systems and water supply networks of the city….”

Tunes for Tuesday: Decomposition/Decay


Modernism Monday #11

Dame Barbara Hepworth, Oval Sculpture (No. 2), 1943, cast 1958

Bronwen Williams: ‘In-audibility, in-visibility’

Nadia Odlum, reporting from the darkness…

Modernism Monday #10

Stanton MacDonald-Wright, Airplane Synchromy in Yellow-Orange, 1920. (US)

Old Work Friday #11

The first photo of the moon

New York Postcard:  A Monumental Idea

“If I am honest, the almost pathological need to engage with art in one way or another every day is no longer what drives me…”

Tunes for Tuesday: In Sicily I Slept In The Shadow Of A Rock

 In Sicily I Slept In The Shadow Of A Rock