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Art, Branding and Camouflage Cows

In a recent talk given at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork, John Kelly ponders the relationship between artists, government funding bodies, the culture of branding – and history…

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Images Lie

Images Lie

Op-ed Aug 12, 2011

One of the biggest illusions we live under is the idea that we live ideology-free lives

Memory Places

Memory Places

Op-ed Jun 16, 2011

John Kelly takes a trip to the Museum of Old and New Art…

Esteemed Critic Ventures Into Blog SHOCK!

The Sydney Morning Herald’s art critic John McDonald now has his own website and blog…

Outsider Becoming Insider

What’s is an outsider artist anyway? asks Carrie Miller

It’s in the brain

It’s in the brain

Op-ed May 13, 2011

Carrie Miller wonders whether recent developments in neuroaessthetics might have useful applications outside the lab – like weeding out art world phonies…

Art critic’s prose like a “tasting menu” nabs Pulitzer
Ai Weiwei: An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Australia

Iconophilia joins the chorus to release Ai WeiWei…

Artists only thanks

While debate rages in the media over the practice of people choosing to identify with a participial ethnic group and/or oppressed culture, Carrie Miller uncovers another troubling trend – unqualified individuals claiming to be artists…

I’m with you, stupid

Carrie Miller offers some advice to easily offended artists – get over it and make some money from collectors who love their art… The documentary on the recently opened Museum of Old & New Art that screened this week on