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Cindy Sherman

It’s a fascinating glimpse at a face familiar from her long body of work, a face that seems almost blank without prosthetic noses and theatrical makeup.

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Ink Remix

Ink Remix

Art Life , Reviews Mar 09, 2016

The use of ink is deeply embedded in the Chinese sense of nationhood.

Mass produced, ubiquitous: Warhol + Weiwei

Mass produced plastic…

Eyes in the Heat

The shocks of dark red…

Future Archaeology

In the popular imagination, the archetypal archaeologist is Indiana Jones in a pit full of snakes, discovering the Ark of the Covenant…

Sarah Tomasetti: Traverse

Luise Guest on Sarah Tomasetti’s new show at Janet Clayton Fine Art…

Exploding Realities: Three Video Artists in China

Luise Guest on the work  of Yang Fudong at Yuz Museum, Tao Hui at UCCA and Yuan Goang-ming at Hanart TZ…

The East is Red: The Sherman Collection of Asian Art

Luise Guest on the ‘Chinese Bible’ and ‘Go East’ and other works from the Gene and Brian Sherman Collection of Asian Art…

Future Feminist Archive

“I was struck at the powerful and articulate voices…”

Calligraphy, Tea, Shopping and Soccer: The Yangjiang Group In Sydney

This mural of black dripping Chinese characters surrounds ‘Das Kapital Football’, an installation comprising hundreds of metres of rice paper covered in calligraphy