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Images Lie

One of the biggest illusions we live under is the idea that we live ideology-free lives

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This just in

This just in

Art Life Feb 05, 2010

Just as we posted our roundup of comments from our call for suggestions for influential shows [see below], we received an email from a reader we shall do the favour of calling Sgt. Schultz. Although not exactly what you’d call

Trouble At Mill

Trouble At Mill

Art Life Jan 11, 2010

After the fractious campaign to secure an independent future for the National Art School, the appointment of Professor Anita Taylor as the art school director seemed to outsiders like a sober and sensible choice. For those expecting business-as-usual, however, Professor

Dali-eeeeee [Take 2]

The Guardian UK’s art critic Jonathan Jones has written a blog entry on George Orwell and Salvador Dali. Jones’s comments come as the Dali exhibiton Liquid Desire opens at the National Gallery of Victoria. Knowing that certain pundits are fond

This is what we think?

The Art Life receives emails from corporations wanting a bit of art world magic to rub off on their grubby products. We’ll get some pr about an “exhibition” of “artists” in a “gallery” that invariably turns out to be an

Vote Early, Vote Often

What are the arts policies of the major political parties? Going by the results of our recent poll, the majority of the readers of The Art Life don’t base their vote on policies that will directly affect them. Maybe our

Mr Softie

Mr Softie

Op-ed Aug 15, 2007

The corpses continued to pile up in the Art Cemetery last week. Erik Jensen’s obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday Angry young artists get the brush-off – farewelled someone you could be forgiven for thinking might have been

The Enemy of My Enemy

Who would have thought that Tony Johansen’s legal challenge to the award of the Archibald portrait prize to Craig Ruddy would have been motivated by a disdain for “political correctness”? Who would have thought that the “fighting fund” underwriting his

Adios Amigo

Adios Amigo

Art Life , News Feb 13, 2004

Quirky Irishman Dr. Brian Kennedy announced on Monday that he would not be seeking a renewal of his contract at the National Gallery of Australia. After seven years, he’s out and heading back to Europe or perhaps New York, depending