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If contemporary art is a kind of art making that attempts to open up a critical debate with the values and aspirations of wider culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibition Taboo is the very definition of contemporary practice.

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The Pale Mirror

Ship ahoy.

Victoria Reichelt – Objects in Danger

“I look at objects that are in danger of becoming obsolete…”

In Conversation

Peter O’Doherty has painted suburban scenery and it’s obvious he gets around…

Between History & Paradise | Paradise Garden

Danie Mellor’s new work references the Australian landscape – but not in the way we are used to seeing…

Extensions of a No Place

This no-place is a place beyond the vanishing point, the horizon line, the picture plane…

Museums Have The Same Problems as Unions

Sophisticated and beautiful may seem like strange words to apply to the work of an artist with a fondness for materials you can get at your nearest Bunnings…

Grace +

Grace +

Exhibitions Jun 01, 2012

Social networking has changed the meaning of words for an entire generation of users…

Not Quite Square

Not Quite Square

Reviews May 25, 2012

Sharne Wolff visits Galerie Pompom and Kylie Banyard’s vision of an eco-alternative future…

Names Withheld | George Raftopoulos

Sharne Wolff chats with Sydney painter George Raftopoulos…