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Someone Thought This Was A Good Idea

You may not like whatever you see here but ultimately it will be good for you.

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The List

The List

Art Life , Exhibitions Aug 11, 2014

Over four months this year, the artist Zanny Begg took the train out West to meet with four teenage boys housed inside a maximum-security jail…

Future Figurative (New personas)

Tom Polo’s paintings present a twisted kind of gesture which falls somewhere in the elegant space between cynicism and sincerity…

Brett Whiteley Traveling Art Scholarship Exhibition

It’s what Brett would have wanted.

The Return of the Podcast!

Is this thing on?

There’s a Hole in the Sky

The cruel paradox at the heart of creativity is that anxiety is often both a necessary driver to the creative process and that which constantly threatens to paralyse the artist.

Anything, Everything and One Other Thing

When you won’t compromise your daily documentation schedule for the sake of a girl or an attack of appendicitis, you know you’re doing something that you better find meaning in.