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Everyone has had the experience – you got to a show to see some art and just when you think of something insightful, funny or witty to say, there’s no one there to say it to. You are alone. You laugh to yourself and move on. That lonely sense of ennui can now be a thing of the past thanks to Art Life Audio Friends™, a new initiative brought to you by the team behind the world’s most popular art blog.

Audio Friends [not available in Japanese].

Art Life Audio Friends™ are a series of downloadable MP3 sound files that provide a commentary on an exhibition that give you all the information you’ll ever need to enjoy work by even the most obscure and difficult artists. Gone are the days of asking “Mona Hatoum – what’s the big whoop?!!” or “Nigel Milsom – is he really an up and comer?” or even “Soda_Jerk – is that a kind of drink or a special type of dance?” We’re here to provide the answers.

How does it work? We’ll provide links to the Art Life Audio Friends™ files. Download them on to your computer, transfer them on to your personal music device of choice [MP3s player, portable CD player], take the player to the gallery, press play and then follow the cues. It’s that easy. [For those readers in locations interstate, overseas or for people who are shut-ins, simply listen to the files in the comfort of your own home and with the special acoustic ambiences, the non technical language and pleasant music, why, it’ll be just like being there!]

The first Art Life Audio Friends™ goes online next Wednesday [technical and/or biological mishaps notwithstanding]. And what will be the exhibition? What else for this time of year but Primavera at the Museum of Contemporary Art? Oh yeah! Hear from us next week.

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