No Free Lunch

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The time will come very soon when we have to decide whether to keep the Comments pop ups. The Art Life pays a nominal yearly fee to host the Comments and there are both pros and cons to this public service. On the pro side is the community that has sprung up who use the comments as an entirely separate forum for keeping the blog honest, accurate and on track. The con side is that the same readers can be – how shall we put this – extremely rude. Since we are paying good money for the privelege of being [occasionally] abused we’ve begun to wonder just how many people are using it and whether we should keep it. Would The Art Life be the same without the Comments? Indeed, would we all be better off?

We’ve decided to put this issue to the vote which will be on until July 5. Vote early, vote often – we’re the only genuine participatory democracy on the web!

The Art Life

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