Land of The Bears

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The results of our poll before last are in and we are… The Land of The Bears, a kingdom ruled with an iron paw. We’re also a little bit like the Weimar Republic which we think of as being a lot of sexy women in fishnet stockings, dodgy cabaret and sexually ambiguous MCs. Yes, that’s us to a tee. The similiarity to us and China during the Cultural Revolution is purely coincidental but a big shout out to our readers who nominated the general ambience around The Art Life to be a direct analog of Nazi Germany.

The Art Life Is…

Land Of The Bears 42% [31]

The Weimar Republic 18% [13]

Cultural Revolution China 14% [10]

Paris Commune 1871 8% [6]

Imperial Amerikkka 5% [4]

The Reformation 5% [4]

Soviet Russia 4% [3]

Fascist Germany 3% [2]

Total votes: 73

The Art Life

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