Words of Advice for Young Artists #2

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“Go to as many openings as possible, network well with many other artists and volunteer your services s often as possible to things like the Biennale, artist run spaces and your Alumni organisation. It shows you are serious and humble” – Cash Brown.

“You do it by doing it. If you get the fear, conjure up your inner lemming and jump off the face of it.” – Ash Hempsall

The Academy Of Women, Adam Cullen.
Courtesy of The Artist.

“The academy of women is the greatest and most important institution that mankind can have, and it should be avoided as much as possible.” – Adam Cullen

“Yes well. The art life is the good life and a public life Stuck between pleasure and pragmatism I would advise a young artist to be prepared to make your own opportunities, curate your own shows – doesn’t mean you can’t be in it, run a short term gallery, write a review even if you don’t get it published, communicate often with other artists, say what you think, be radical, question everything, support your artist friends and they will support you – And work on simultaneous career of art and earning a living – not necessarily the same thing – but an important issue to keep in mind – don’t miss out on the benefits of a permanent type job that doesn’t have to define your identity but at least could provide for your expensive art making practice and your old age.” – Elvis Richardson.

The Art Life

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